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The easiest ways to approach this river by plane to Tumlingtar is closer to put in point Kartikeghat where as you have to trek from Tumlingtar. Alternatively one can drive for 1½ days. This trip begins with a 3-day trek through remote villages in Eastern Nepal - an area few visitors ever see - camping out in lush forests with views of the On the river, the powerful current drives your raft or kayak through 6 days of great white water action and you have to face more challenges each day as the number of rapids come one after another in succession; at night you relax on fantastic beaches in dramatic valleys. In our opinion, the combination of trekking, spectacular scenery, great rapids and remote location makes Tamur the best river to run the fantastic white water rafting trip in Nepal. Finally Tamur meets with the Sunkoshi into a confluence of the Saptakoshi River. Below this confluence it is the same as Sunkoshi river trip.

Facts of River

Starting point : 45 minutes down from Tumlingtar
Ending Point : Chatara
River Grade : 3 to 4+
Rafting Day : 06 Days
River Distance : 70 kms.

Travel Insurance

Make sure to have both medical and evacuation insurance before coming to Nepal for Rafting. Insurance for the guide and supporters which we will arrange, Note: - B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= dinner Note : The departure schedule can be changed on any unavoidable circumstances such as weather hazards, trail slides, and avalanches.