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Chitwan National Park is the most popular destination for tourist wanting to have a good experience of the region's wildlife. Therefore, your visit to Nepal won't be completed without a visit to Chitwan. Chitwan is not just the name of a National Park but also of the surrounding Dun valley and administrative district. The name means "Heart of the Jungle" and provides over 70 species of animals including some of the world's endangered species such as Royal Bengal Tiger, Great one horned Rhinoceros, Gaur, Gharial, Crocodile and over 450 species of colorful birds

Activities in Chitwan National Park

CANOE RIDE: During the canoe trip on the Rapti river, you will be able to view the full array of nature's beauty including plenty of birds, crocodiles and other animals. There is a chance you may see the two types of crododiles -Gharial and Mugger basking on the river bank. VILLAGE TOURS: Experience the uniquely placed culture of the Tharu people. Relish what their culture is like in the Tharu village Museum in the heart of Sauraha in Bachhyauli. For centuries, the Tharus have lived very close to this protected area and hence their tradition reflects their intimate relationship with the natural world. Visit the Tharu village and share their world with them as you reach out touch another culture. ELEPHANT SAFARI: Seated high on the back of a trained elephant exploring the grasslands and core area of the park, you become an integral part of the life of the national park. The elephant safaris, though not the most comfortable ridges, is an amazing experience. And it doesn't take long to spot at least a rhino in these forest. JUNGLE DRIVE: Drive into the heart of the park for a good chance to spot the rare species. The drive takes you along time-worn trails with great opportunities of viewing big animals. Don't forget to move on to Kasara, the park headquarters wherein you will get the chance to visit the Kasara Durbar and the Crocodie Breeding Centre.The centre is housed with a number of breeding and hatching ponds to produce and rear the animal until they are ready for release in the wild. ELEPHANT BREEDING CENTRE: Of all the animals, elephants are probably the most graceful. Our naturalists will take you to the Hattisar to demonstrate. how elephant's meals are prepared and how they eat in the Elephant Breeding Centre. They will explain the nature and habits of elephants. The unique centre was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephants trapping for domestication. JUNGLE WALK: Walk out and stretch your legs deep into the forest accompanied by professional naturalists as they share their extensive knowledge with you on your way to prime spots in quest of rare and endemic species, Be on the look out for the great one-horned rhinoceros, wild boar, sloth bear, bison, gangetic dolphins, gharial crocodile and the Royal Bengal Tiger. ELEPHANT BATHING: Just chill out beside the tranquility of the Rapti River and watch the appealing elephant taking a bath or if it's too tempting, join them while taking a dip down the river. THARU STICK DANCE: Savour the magnificent culture dance of the Tharu communities watching by the bon fire in the evening in any of the hotels of Sauraha

Options to Get there

BY OVERLAND: It is a scenic five-six hour country side drive to Chitrasari where our staff guide will receive you and transfer you to the respected Lodge in a Land Rover. which is a 10-15 min drive through the Tharu Village BY RIVER RAFTING: An early morning departure from Kathmandu bring you to the river rafting put-in-point. You can go river rafting for one to three days in the Trisuli river which runs parallel to prithivi highway. Our staff guide will meet you at the rafting put-in-point and transfer you to the Lodge. BY AIR: Bharatpur, the district headquarter of Chitwan. has an airfield with direct domestic flight connetions with Kathmandu. There are daily 3 flights operating from Kathmandu to Bharatpur and is only 25 minutes flight time. Upon arrival our representative will greet you and drive you in a Landover to Lodge.

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